5 Things You Should Know About the Tennis Doubles Strategy

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The most important part of a winning match is the doubles strategy. This sets the foundation for the game as double matches to have its own prestige. Tennis doubles strategies are played in the same court as a single match. However, the dimensions of the court are much larger than the single court.

Here are 5 things you should know about the tennis doubles strategy.

The First Serve is What Matters Most

The first serve must be both powerful and accurately place. The best way to win is to start strong from the beginning. The first serve in doubles is vital to your game as it will set your net game better with the first serve instead of the second server.

Hit the Right Target

Hitting the right target is one doubles strategy that will help you win points. For a doubles match, your opponent’s feet is the best target to hit. This will set them off guard and your opponent will have fewer chances of being able to return the ball. This will give you the opportunity to get in better position and preparation.

Make a Strategic Placement

The main goal of the game is to target the weakest player of the team. It is important to avoid the server who is near the net as your target should be the server’s half court.

Consider the Movement Coordination of the Team

The movements of the players must be well coordinated to match the entire team. It is important to not leave any gaps in between partners as you and your partner must move cohesively. Teams must never leave large amounts of spaces in between as this is the best way to avoid a straight loss.

Master the l Formation

Another tennis doubles strategy is the l formation. This strategy is ideal if your serve is weak or the opponent’s serve is too strong. In this type of situation, you will have to think of a new strategy to counteract the returned serve.


Generally, the best strategy is to target the serve at their most vulnerable stage. While they may be able to return your shot, you will have better preparation and even force them away from the net.

5 Tips on How to Improve Your Forehand

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The proper forehand technique is just as important as every skill required in playing tennis. It is the most powerful weapon that most tennis players focus on to build up their game and win the match.

With these useful tips, tennis players can improve their tennis skill and their powerful techniques. Check out these 5 Tips on how to improve your forehand.

Tip #1: Visualize the Proper Stroke

One of the best tips for players is to feed your brain the simple motion of the stroke. This technique will only be improved by repetition and visualizing the proper visuals. Make sure to visualize the accurate movement to allow your body to copy the correct swing continuously. This will allow your body to maximize power and potential inaccuracy.

Tip #2: Keep it Simple

Skip all the stress and keep your swing simply and easy. Tennis players often try to mix and match their technique but end up with poor movement and results. Keep your swing simple and natural as it will progress with power and soon without the use of excessive force.

Tip #3: Practice the Footwork

Move your feet accordingly. The right footwork is the most crucial part of making the shot. You will need proper timing, movement, and technique to make the right balance for the shot. Be sure to set up your forehand properly with balance. Even the slightest different will make or break the shot.

Tip #4: Make Quality over Quantity

Nothing will improve your skill over quality repetition. Practicing your forehand technique with proper form will train your brain to set your memory into the habit. This will definitely come in handy when you become pressured and must execute the proper forehand technique.

Tip #5: Determine the Appropriate Shot Selection

Your brain and shot selection will determine the player’s forehand technique. Your forehand was designed to be your sole weapon as players often become too passive and lack the necessary mentally on the shot. The forehand must be powerful to dictate the selection of the shot and finish effectively.

How is your current forehand technique? What have you done to improve your skills? Comment below and share your opinions with us!

6 Strength Exercises to Improve Your Tennis Game

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Without a doubt, exercise and strength training will improve your game and technique. Tennis players will benefit from strength exercises to help develop their strength and power.

Check out these 6 exercises to improve your tennis game.

One Leg Press

Most gyms you step into will usually have a leg press machine. This will give players a great leg workout without the need for various techniques. In the sport of tennis, leg strength is vital. It will increase the strength in the legs to move for long periods of time.


Another useful machine that will benefit tennis players is the abduction machine. This will improve the hips and the glutes of the player and increase balance, stability, and strength.


The adduction machine is the opposite of the abductor. The player will move side to side to stability the legs. This will stimulate the groin muscles and build control. Just be sure to be cautious and stay in control.


Hyperextension exercises work to improve the glutes, hamstrings, and back erector. The glutes and lower back muscles are the stabilizers of the body’s core.

Crunches with Weights

Every athlete needs a strong core. That is why we’ve included the traditional crunches with a twist. Using weights will add more challenge to the muscles as it will improve resistance, progression, and endurance with all repetitions.

Seated Rows

The seated rows exercise is done with a machine. This will improve your posture and work on different muscle groups that are vital to playing tennis. Seated rows will strengthen the upper back and provide a strong foundation to build strong forehands and backhands along with higher stability.


These exercises are more on the technical side as they are fairly easy to achieve. However, these basic exercises will benefit the player’s strength and improve overall training.

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